Hakuna Matata :)

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Big cats, Lions :)

Voting for a president plays only a small part in change. Change has to occur in each of us for only we can change ourselves and together our world. Our actions, experiences and thought are what change us. Our actions and thought are also what are keeping us from truly changing for the better. As long as we as a nation value money over our well being and health we will not improve on the way we tr

eat this world. As long as we value the price of food over how it is acquired we will not improve on the way we treat this world. As long as we continue to view land as property we will not improve on the way we treat this world. As long as we continue to see ourselves as being separate from land and everything it encompasses we will not improve on the way we treat this world. 

Trees, fish, water, etc are not resources, they have value I can’t even begin to explain. All this is relative to our health, we use pills and supplements as our medicine when all we need is food, healthy food. The problem is much deeper than “people just need to learn how to eat healthy,” the food we eat is toxic, it is often the cause of obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, cancer and much more. The problem is that our food is toxic because it is one of the driving forces behind our economy, people consume tons of cheap addictive stuff that can hardly be called food, resulting in health problems that require health supplements and a gym membership to become healthy. The driving force behind this is money, because with our way of life money is everything, if we thought differently our economy would fail, more so than it is already. Money gives us status, we are brainwashed into thinking that without status you won’t have any friends and no one will have sex with you. To achieve high status we need to make lots of money. Our media is filled with nothing but rich people and their “success” stories, so making money is made to seem easy. In reality it is not easy at all, you need to spend endless hours working, resulting in spending less time with your family and friends. 

This makes us depressed. But because everyone feels this way it is “normal” and okay, therefore no one feels depressed. Deep down this country has a secret that each of us knows but isn’t willing to admit, we are all depressed.

Everything comes and ends, that is the cycle of life. Civilization will fall eventually, how? I do not know, but I do know that it will. Money isn’t everything and I know we hear this a lot but do we really understand that? We obviously don’t because if we did our presidential debates wouldn’t have been talking about how they are going fix our economy, they would be talking about how we are going to heal our world which we have harmed so much. 

Superstrom Sandy was called a “once in a life time storm.” That’s false, it was mother nature sending us a message that if we don’t shape up there won’t be a place left for us in this world.

Although I do not believe in a god, I do believe we are connected and not independent of each other (although we have the ability to make independent choices, they still affect others), not just with other humans but with everything. You are connected to an ant, a strand of grass or even a rock as much as your parents, though, it is much easier to connect yourself to your parent’s actions than an ant’s but that is only because you may physically experience your parent’s actions and not the ant’s. Every action committed by anything has a consequence, good or bad, each action affects everything else in this universe, somehow. That is simply unavoidable.

My point is, before every action you commit imagine the consequences that will come from it and how they will affect not only other humans, but animals, plants, the air, water, everything in this world, future generations of all these, and of course yourself. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether what you’re doing is right or wrong, that is a problem we all face and I have no answer other than, knowledge is power. Strive to learn more about this world, the more knowledge you have the greater chance you give yourself at making better decisions.

My actions affect you and your actions affect me. Never forget that.